Simvastatin Overview

Simvastatin (trade names  Zocor, Simlup, Simcard, Simvacor) is prescribed to reduce the levels of cholesterol and other fat substances in the blood.  Simvastatin is the most effective when the treatment is combined with lifestyle changes that include exercise and diet.  Decreasing high cholesterol levels (hypercholesterolemia) is critically important for preventing cardiovascular diseases. Simvastatin and lifestyle changes reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke or angina.

I started to take simvastatin when the blood test revealed increased levels of cholesterol in my blood.

Of course, my first question was if I could lower cholesterol without statins. My doctor explained that lifestyle changes and diet are enough when cholesterol levels are lower than mine.  In my case,  diet and exercise would have slightly reduced cholesterol but not down to the safe mark because of extremely high level of bad cholesterol (low density lipoproteins, or LDL), smoking and the high risk of a heart disease.  That is how my long-term relationship with simvastatin began.

My doctor helped me with my diet plan a lot, he didn’t limit the treatment course just to taking simvastatin. We compiled a list of “good” and “banned” products. I also have a 30 min workout every day and I’m satisfied with the results.  I lost 10 lbs and I’m not short of breath during long or intensive walks or jogging. In addition, my knee joints are much better now that excess pounds are off.  Blood tests showed improvements as well. That took about 4 months to achieve. Fortunately, I experienced none of simvastatin side effects I was warned of so I think the treatment is going well. In fact, now I can say that  simvastatin changed my life.  Understanding that taking simvastatin could be in vain if don’t change my lifestyle and really take care of myself brought about all these positive changes.

I always remembered about  simvastatin side effects and that helped me realize that the sooner I shifted to healthy lifestyle the shorter simvastatin treatment would be.  I never touched a hamburger or cigarette since I started simvastatin treatment and I almost never skip my daily workouts. That improved my health as nothing before. Whatever one may say, taking simvastatin turned out very beneficial and now my aim is to eliminate the need to use cholesterol lowering medications as soon as possible. And never fall into the risky high-cholesterol state again.

I have a family history of cardiovascular diseases and excess weight so I think taking simvastatin was better that running a risk of heart attack or a stoke. That was a good lesson for me and now I know that we are responsible for our health ourselves.

Please, feel free to ask questions in comments about taking or being prescribed simvastatin, I will try to reply as soon as I can.  However, remember that you should always consult with your doctor before taking any meds.

Should I Take Simvastatin?

You should only if your doctor tells to do so. From my personal experience, the answer should be YES for 2 reasons. First, really high cholesterol levels are very dangerous and should be lowered. Second, if your health is in critical state it obviously needs a natural treatment, like healthy diet and exercise. Implementing these changes is much easier when you find yourself dependant on simvastatin, quite a dangerous medication in fact.