Migraine and Simvastatin Studies

There were a number of studies researching the ability of simvastatin to prevent migraines and the benefits of statins for migraine patients. The studies were based on clinical cases when patients reported that migraines with aura were completely resolved after they started taking simvastatin. The supposition that simvastatin could be beneficial for migraine patients and possibly alleviate migraines is based on the fact that most migraine sufferers have unfavorable cardiovascular profile and are prone to cardiovascular events such as ischemic stroke. Although migraine causes are still being intensively studied and exact causes were not determined yet, most researchers agree that cardiovascular problems could be involved and migraine patients have increased cardiovascular risks.
The Studies:
"Simvastatin for Migraine Prevention"
Conducted by Fabiola Lys Medeiros MD, Paloma Lys Medeiros MD, PhD, Marcelo M. Valen?a MD, PhD, David Dodick MD in the Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain, Simvastatin for Migraine Prevention
Volume 47, Issue 6, June 2007, Pages: 855-856
"Could Statins Be Useful in the Treatment of Patients With Migraine?"
Conducted by Evagelos N. Liberopoulos MD, Dimitris P. Mikhailidis MD
"Volume 46, Issue 4, pages 672-675, April 2006
It appears that the researches studying migraines as side effects of simvastatin are yet to come.  I could not find the results, abstracts or texts of the above studies online so far although the studies are reported to have been published online. However, you can always get a hard copy and familiarize yourself with the conclusions.