Simvastatin Alternatives

One inevitably wonders about simvastatin alternatives and possible ways to avoid taking the medication because of potential or actual side effects of simvastatin. Here, we review several simvastatin alternatives, including drugs and natural alternatives. Don’t use any medications as simvastatin alternatives without your doctor’s control!

Simvastatin Alternative 1: Being Informed

Before you use any alternative meds, read thisĀ book by Dr. Dwight Lundell called “The Great Cholesterol Lie”. I won’t add anything else here, only that it makes very big sense. Just read and then make an informed decision about simvastatin alternatives.

Simvastatin Alternative 2: Other Statins

First and most simple answer is other statins, like atorvastatin, pravastatin, lovastatin, fluvastatin or rosuvastatin calcium. If you would like to stick to traditional, pharmaceutical ways, to could ask your docts to take you off simvastatin and try other statins. In the past couple of years, there has been a lot of discussions and argument concerning which of the satins is better and safer. As a result, the formerly highest simtastatin dose of 80mg was prohibited for new cholesterol patients of all those who hasn’t been taking simvastatin for less than 1 year without side effects. Soon after that, a patent on atorvastatin expired, which made generic versions of the medication available at lower cost. Correspondingly, atorvastatin was claimed my many to be a safer alternative to simvastatin, although research results diverge (read more in simvastatin vs atorvastatin section). However, everyone’s body is individual and responds differently to different meds. If switching to another statin relieves side effects, go for it, but do so under your doctor’s control.

Simvastatin Alternative 3: Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors

Cholesterol absorption inhibitors block the absorption of cholesterol from foods that you eat, while statins block the enzyme which controls cholesterol production in the body. Currently, there is just one cholesterol Absorption Inhibitor called Zetia®, only brand version, no generics. A drug that combines Simvastatin and cholesterol absorption inhibitor ezetimibe (the active component of Zetia®) is called Vytorin. As you must have figured, the working principle is a combination of the two.

Simvastatin Alternative 4: Bile Acid Sequestrants

Bile acid sequestrants ( colestipol, cholestyramine, colesevelam) work by preventing the reabsorption of bile in the gastrointestinal tract. The liver uses cholesterol to produce bile acids which we need to digest food. In the intestine, the bile is partially absorbed, so the previously used cholesterol is being recirculated. Bile acid sequestrants prevent bile absorbtion, so that it is exserted with stools. As a result, the liver needs more cholesterol to produce bile acid and takes the LDL from the blood, thus lowering LDL levels. However, bile acid sequestrants may also cause flatulence, diarrhea, constipation and increase in triglycerides as side effects. It can reduce LDL by 2o%

Simvastatin Alternative 5: Fibrates

Fibrates (AtromidZetia®, TricorZetia®, LopidZetia®) reduce the production of triglycerides and increase HDL levels. There are five mechanisms by which fibrates alter cholesterol levels, not all of them are well studied yet.

  • Increasing ApoA-I and ApoA-II in the liver which causes increase in HDL production
  • Increased lipolysis of triglyceride-rich remnant lipoproteins (TRL) via increased lipoprotein lipase activity.
  • Reducing hepatic triglyceride production and inducing hepatic fatty acid production
  • Decreasing the exchange of triglycerides between VLDL and HDL
  • Inducing the formation of LDL-C with higher affinity for LDL-C receptors which increases LDL-C uptake and thus decreases in LDL-C levels

Simvastatin Alternative 6: Nicotinic Acid

Nicotinic acid decreases the production of triglycerides and VLDL (very low-density lipoprotein). As VLDLis converted to LDL in the blood, LDL levels decrease.Nicotinic Acid is not as powerful as statins, it can reduce LDL by 5% to 25%, HDL by 15% to 35%, triglycerides by 20% to 50%.

On this page, we are not going to dwell upon any dietary supplements or other over-the-counter remedies sold at the drug stores as simvastatin alternatives so as to stay as objective as possible, and also not to promote potentially dangerous supplements of low quality. I’ll just say that red rice, flax oil and flax seed, avocado, green veggies and fruit actually help combat high LDL and hearth disease, it you take care to eliminate unhealthy elements, of course. For example, according to some researches, avocado is a great simvastatin alternative. Eating just one fruit a day can help substantially lower bad and raise good cholesterol levels in a few months. Fish oil is also good, although I’d rather say it WAS good when the ocean was not so badly polluted. Many diet experts recommend to avoid fish as fish oil for this reason, although historically, fish was considered to the the best and healthiest alternative to meat and a source of minerals and healthy fats that help fight the bad cholesterol. Read more about natural alternative to simvastatin.

If you are still sceptical about healthy diet and lifestyle, think why other ancestors who didn’t have such an abundance of food and live more active live didn’t suffer from high cholesterol?