Simvastatin and Weight Loss

Many patients wonder about the connection between simvastatin and weight loss and ask if simvastatin can help lose pounds. The first and most important thing to remember is that simvastatin is not a weigh loss remedy and should not be used for this purpose. Simvastatin should only be taken is accordance with your doctor’s instruction to lower high cholesterol or as a preventive measure in patients who had cardiac events. Don’t take simvastatin if you want to lose weight but your doctor did not prescribe this medication to you. Simvastatin side effects may have serious effect on your overall health.

Does simvastatin cause weight loss?

As of 2010, there are no clinical trials that prove or deny the connection between simvastatin and weight loss or weight gain. For this reason, neither is mentioned as a side effect in simvastatin package insert. If you experience dramatic weight loss after being started in simvastatin, consult with your doctor immediately.

Why is simvastatin is associated with weight loss?

Probably, the major reason for this belief is that simvastatin decreases the amount of fatty substances in blood, which also has strong associations with decreasing excess fat deposits in the body. However, although weight loss and cholesterol reduction frequently go hand in hand, simvastatin does not have any effect on fat deposits and weight loss in patients taking simvastatin occurs due to other reasons. First, lifestyle changes, like switching to a healthy diet and doing sports and a part of high cholesterol therapy, along with simvastatin. Healthy lifestyle inevitably brings about weight loss and other positive changes in overweight patients taking simvastatin. That’s why simvastatin is frequently associated with weight loss. Next, weight loss could result from gastro-intestinal disorders, which are officially recognized as a side effect of simvastatin. Patients with gastro-intestinal adverse effects, such as constipation, abdominal or stomach pain, heartburn or nausea eat less, which results is weight loss.

Simvastatin and Weight Loss Surgery

Can I have a weight loss surgery if I’m taking simvastatin? Generally, the answer is positive. However, additional precautions are necessary. For example, some of the medications or substances administered before, during of after the surgery may interact with simvastatin. You need to know which exactly will be used and discuss this with your doctor. In addition, high cholesterol patients as well as obese people run an increased risk of developing heart problems. A surgery, especially the one with general anesthesia, is risky for the heart. Weigh all pros and cons carefully and make all the necessary tests before you decide to have a weight loss surgery.