Simvastatin Brand Name

Simvastatin Brand Name - What Is It?

What is simvastatin brand name? There are several answers to the question. Simvastatin is a generic name for the popular cholesterol lowering medication. The generic name (simvastatin) is usually used by medical professionals and for prescriptions. Simvastatin brand names are the registered trade names used in marketing of the medications and for advertising purposes, although the active component of the medication (simvastatin) is the same, as well as the intended use, medical effect, administration form, dosage and strength, intended use, quality and action characteristics (for example, simvastatin side effects).  As a rule, brand names are shorter and easier to remember then the generic (chemical name).  Simvastatin was initially patented under the brand name Zocor by Merck & Co which granted the company the right to benefit from the period of market exclusivity (you can as well say “monopoly”) and set the price which would maximize the profitability. When the initial patent expired, other manufacturers got the right to produce simvastatin without the brand name. At a medical institution, you’ll be prescribed the medication under it’s generic name - simvastatin. However, the doctor may indicate the brand names the medication is available in the market under.

What Are Simvastatin Brand Names?

Currently, there are several simvastatin brand names because the medication is produced in different countries. The most well-known simvastatin brands are the following:

  • Zocor, Zocor Heart Pro (Merck & Co, USA)
  • Simvacor, Simvastatin-Teva, Simovil, Simvaxon (Israel)
  • Simvahexal, Zimstat (Australia),
  • Lodales (France),
  • Liponorm, Sinvacor, Sivastin (Italy),
  • Lipovas (Japan),
  • Denan (Germany),
  • Lipex (Australia and New Zealand),
  • Zocord (Austria and Sweden),
  • Simcard, Simlup, Simvotin  (India)

Simvastatin Brand Info

Brand name simvastatin differs from generic versions of the medications by the shape and color of the pills, inactive ingredients and, of course, the trade name. However, note that generic and brand simvastatin is subject to the regulations of the governments of country where the medication is produced and marketed. Originally, brand name simvastatin was sold at a considerably higher price than now because patent protection lowers the competition in the market and loss of patent protection allows other manufacturers offer the medication and lower price. In addition, the high cost of the brand medication includes discovery, development, trial, approval, marketing, advertising and other concomitant expenses which generic simvastatin manufacturers do not incur. Generic drug manufacturers benefit from the marketing efforts of the primary drug manufacturer which gives them the possibility to offer the medication at a decreased price. Simvastatin sold without brand name under its generic name is usually labeled with the name of the manufacturer.